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1.  2021 tax extension filers don’t need to wait until October 17

The IRS reminds the estimated 19 million taxpayers who requested an extension to file their 2021 tax return that they don’t have to wait until mid-October to do so. If a taxpayer has all the necessary information to file an accurate return, they can file electronically at any time before the October deadline and avoid a last-minute rush to file.

In addition to avoiding the rush, the IRS has tips on:

  • Filing electronically

  • Getting help filing – including Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

  • Payment options

  • Quickly getting answers to tax questions

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2.  Business data theft scams; How to know it’s really the IRS

Beware of evolving email and cloud-based schemes to steal data

As part of a special Security Summit series, the IRS, state tax agencies and the nation’s tax industry warn tax professionals to beware of evolving scams designed to steal client data.

Learn about:

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Phishing SMS/texts, "smishing"

  • Recent types of identity theft emails

  • Traits scams usually have in common

Is it really the IRS reaching out?

With continuing phone and in-person scams taking place across the country, the IRS wants to help taxpayers understand:

  • How and why agency representatives may contact taxpayers

  • What the IRS will not do when making contact

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3.  Erroneous or incorrect balance due notices (CP-14)

The IRS is aware that some payments made for 2021 tax returns have not been correctly applied to joint taxpayer accounts, and these taxpayers are receiving erroneous balance due notices (CP-14 notices) or notices showing the incorrect amount.

No immediate action or phone call is needed. Learn more about who is affected.

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4.  New IRS Strategic Plan: Goal to help taxpayers

The IRS released a new five-year Strategic Plan that outlines its goals to improve taxpayer service and tax administration.

Learn more about how the IRS plans to focus on:

  • Enforcement – Enforcing the tax laws fairly and efficiently to increase voluntary compliance and narrow the tax gap

  • People – Fostering an inclusive, diverse and well-equipped workforce and strengthen relationships with external partners

  • Service – Providing quality and accessible services to enhance taxpayers’ experiences

  • Transformation – Transforming the IRS’s operations to become more resilient, agile and responsive

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5.  IRS operations updates

The operations page features and the latest information on:

  • Answering mail from taxpayers

  • Live phone support

  • Processing tax returns filed on paper

  • Reviewing tax returns, even for returns filed electronically

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